The deVOL Journal

Immersed in Colour

16th March 2021

By Hannah Livesley

This family kitchen based in London is immersed in a beautiful mix of colour and peppered with unique and salvaged treasures that makes this living space the heart of the home. Our Handmade Blush Pink tiles are a melange of subtle pink tones that perfectly tie together the muted colourways of the kitchen cupboards and walls, to the more vibrant display of vintage soda bottles, grouped together in a colourful celebration. 

Colour is such an important aspect when it comes to designing interiors, for someone that has a busy and hectic work life, their colour choices may require more muted tones to create a calming palette to be welcomed home to. Others often embrace their colour schemes, with homes full of bits and bobs and colours dancing everywhere, for a real translation of their creativity.

I really enjoy the vibrancy in this kitchen and the attention to detail to create a space that allows the natural light to pour in. The collection of interesting items that are dotted about on every possible surface, really makes me want to know what story lies behind them. 

Our handmade tiles have their own story, from starting life in the ceramics studio with a lump of clay and a team of makers, to the anxious peeking inside a cooling kiln to reveal the perfect pink tone that we prayed would be the outcome. It’s often a crazy journey from start to finish and it sometimes makes me chuckle at all the places that little tile has been too! 

The nature of handmade means no two tiles are made exactly the same. You can see in this splashback that one tile will be slightly different from the next and there will always be a small change in the colour or surface, with these changes continuing from day to night. The light will bounce off a handmade surface just that bit more special than a mass produced tile. For me, that’s what makes handmade items so important in a home. 

With delicate shades of blush, rose and light coral, we designed our handmade pink tiles to give a unique twist on the typical neutral tone. Personally, I think it is a colour that is calm and warm with a hint of playfulness and the perfect complementary colour is seen so well in this creative kitchen. 

If you’re a lover of pink and would like further information on our handmade tiles, please contact me by email on I would love to hear from you and chat about your ideas!