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Introducing the Anzer Grey Marble

20th September 2016

By Sophie Mitchell

Every month we get countless samples of ‘new and exciting’ natural stone and porcelain tiles sent in to us from various quarries and companies. Most are okay, nice enough, but in our opinion there’s not usually that much to get excited about. However, every now and again we’ll get a new product in that causes a bit of a stir. We all gather around and ooh and ahh over said tile, admiring the textures and tones and giving our (brutally) honest opinions.

It takes a lot to impress us. We only want to introduce tiles to our range that we know customers will love and that they will want in their home. We know flooring is a big investment, so we want to help you get it right!

When we received samples of the new addition to our marble range, we instantly loved it! Let me introduce you to the Anzer Grey Marble. It’s available in two finishes – a traditional polished finish and a more unusual sandblasted and brushed finish.

Anzer Grey Polished Marble

Anzer Grey Sandblasted Marble

The polished finish exudes an air of luxury and sophistication, with the glossy surface highlighting the wonderful colours and tones in the Anzer Grey Marble. The background colour of the stone ranges from very dark to very light grey, with flashes of onyx and pearly white throughout. When we were laying the tiles out to take photographs, I also noticed delicate gold veins occasionally trailing through the stone, furthering the feeling of opulence. I think it would look really amazing in a lavish bathroom or en suite or even as a feature floor against very simple, plain furniture in a kitchen.

As much as I like the polished finish, I think the sandblasted and brushed finish is my favourite. It gives the tiles this wonderfully textured, tactile surface, making it completely unique. The sandblasting gives the tiles a chalkier finish, bringing out the lighter grey tones of the stone and making the contrast between the dark tones even more dramatic. Again you get the occasional glint of amber and gold coming through, along with the silver coloured veining. I think it would look amazing in a bathroom and would work really well on a wet room floor, as the texture of the stone stops the tiles being slippery.

We also have Anzer Grey Mosaics available in a polished finish, in an on-trend hexagon shape. The mosaics come on a mesh backing, so can be easily cut to allow you to use them as a border, a splashback behind a sink or even for creating a feature wall around a shower – the possibilities are endless!

We have free samples of the tiles available, which you can request through our website or if you prefer call us on 01509 234000.

You can see the sandblasted and brushed finish here.

And the polished finish here.

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