The deVOL Journal


20th September 2017

By Ben Cherry

Here at Floors of Stone we are always looking into ways to help our customers by offering everything they need to lay our stone, wood or porcelain floors. We offer everything from what goes under the tiles or wood such as the heating kits and adhesive, right up to the sealants, oils and waxes used to protect the floor once it has been laid. All of our accessories can be found on our website:

We are pleased to introduce another addition to our accessories range: Silicone. We are now offering Silicone in three different colours, Limestone, Jasmine and Titanium, to match our grouts that we have on offer. The idea is you can now use the same colour Silicone as the grout lines, rather than the standard colours such as black, white or clear, to give a more seamless finish.

The Silicone will give you a nice clean finish to any area where the tile meets the wall, the floor, a sink or bath or even another tile. Most customer will use this product in a bathroom or kitchen and it is used to fill in the gaps left where the two edges meet.

Please feel free to ask any questions about the Silicone when you speak to our knowledgeable staff. If you would like a quote for any of our products whether that be the tiles, wood or accessories, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01509 234000 or