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Slate Tiles

The consistent colour of our Brazilian Slates is perfect for contemporary homes, while the riven varieties with a textured surface lend themselves to a more rustic and traditional interior.

All prices include VAT

Black Farmhouse Flagstone Tiles

Calibrated with an antiqued finish 

Heather Slate Tiles

Calibrated with a square edge 

Tile Sizes (mm) Price/m2 inc VAT
400 x 400 x 10£36.00/m2
600 x 400 x 10£40.00/m2

Brazilian Multicolour Slate Tiles

Partially calibrated with a square edge 

Peacock Slate Tiles

Riven with a sawn edge 

Tile Sizes (mm) Price/m2 inc VAT
Opus Pattern£31.00/m2

Metallic Blend Slate

Honed with a sawn edge 

Tile Sizes (mm) Price/m2 inc VAT
600 x 300 x 12£44.00/m2
600 x 600 x 15£58.00/m2

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Slate Tiles

Slate is one of the most affordable types of stone flooring, making this timeless classic a suitable choice if on a budget. Slate tiles are popular around the home, with riven varieties chosen for traditional kitchens and hallways, and smoother Brazilian Slates for the utility and bathroom. Certain varieties featuring a consistent matt finish can also look great alongside modern kitchen appliances.
The consistent colour of our Brazilian Slate is perfect for an understated tile floor. Rustic Multicolour and Peacock Slate tiles can become prominent features of a room, when combined with pale walls and simple, functional furniture. The recently introduced Black Farmhouse Flagstones are an antiqued slate available in large formats, making a real statement in your home.