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The Floors of Stone Tile Guide of 2023

17th January 2023

By Ellie Morton

The Christmas decorations have come down and new year resolutions have been made, which often leads to a feeling of wanting to complete those home projects we have been putting off for a while or motivates us to embark on creating a fresh look for our homes. A new year also means new trends. Therefore, over the last few months here at Floors of Stone, we have been carefully refining our tile collection ready for 2023, to ensure that our tiles meet our client’s needs. It seems that this year tiles are being led by textures, bold statements and a feeling of luxury. We understand that knowing which tiles to choose can be an overwhelming experience, so I thought I would create a guide detailing the tile trends of 2023 and how our beautiful tiles can help you achieve these desired interiors.


Classic Chequerboard

Marble continues to be a favoured natural material in our homes due its traditional and timeless design as shown here in deVOL’s Creative Director’s Victorian Villa. It is expected that this year marble installed in a chequerboard pattern is going to be particularly popular. To ensure our Parisian Chequer Marble tiles could suit from larger to even the most compact areas, last year we were very pleased to introduce these tiles in a 200x200mm size as well as our larger tiles in a 406x406mm size. Our Antique Marble and Nero Antique Marble Porcelain tiles can be used to also create a chequerboard look if natural stone is not the right choice for you.

We have also been shown that chequerboard does not necessarily mean monochrome. A few months ago one of our customer’s projects featured on George Clarke’s ‘Old House, New Home’, a property renovation programme on Channel 4. Our Light Jerusalem Tumbled Limestone and Light Tumbled Travertine were used to create a chequerboard tiled floor in muted tones in a wonderful project by Patrick Lewis Architects. We would have never thought of pairing these tiles to create this chequerboard effect and we were left inspired by the space they had been able to create.

Photography credit – @agnesesanvito


Textured Wall Tiles 

When it comes to designing a space in our homes, choosing the right colour palette often becomes the priority. However, considering how texture will be incorporated is also an important aspect that is often overlooked. Just like colour, texture offers another surface that can reflect light in a room and create depth. As tile trends move away from metro tiles this year, it seems that we are also moving away from brick laying patterns on our walls. One pattern that is set to be particularly popular is laying rectangular tiles vertically or using a mixture of tile sizes to create a more bespoke feel to your kitchen or bathroom. Our Zingaro porcelain tiles, with their highly glossed surface and handmade feel, are the perfect tile in our collection if you are looking to introduce texture or a bespoke pattern in your living space.

You can read more about our Zingaro Porcelain Tiles in my previous blog post: Possibilities with pattern.


Statement Shapes

Traditionally when deciding on tiles for our homes, we are often limited to a choice of square or rectangular tiles. However, it seems over recent years it is becoming increasingly popular to choose tiles that allow us to create visual interest with geometric patterns across our floors and walls. Using tile shapes such as our Saluzzo Pink Hexagon Tiles or our Terracotta Fleur tiles as pictured below, provides you with the opportunity to create a space with a unique flare and  personality. It also seems that with interesting shaped tiles we are taking a little more notice of the grout colour we are choosing to compliment our tiles. Interior designers are now encouraging us to see grout as a design detail rather than a necessity, therefore as we continue to opt for interestingly shaped tiles in 2023, we also want to be choosing grout colours that can beautifully frame them.


Earthy Terracotta Tones

It seems that Terracotta tiles are going to continue to be one of the most desired tile choices for our homes and looks like it always will be. This may be because of the warming earthy tones and ability that once installed, will feel like they have always been there. The burnt orange and red tones within the terracotta tiles also work particularly well with the differing shades of green and neutral colour palettes trending again this year. You also do not have to be limited to traditional square terracotta tiles as our terracotta range includes a range of tile shapes such as hexagon, fleur, parquet or picket for a slightly more contemporary feel. At our Cotes Mill showroom we have the 200x200mm tiles installed in the deVOL Classic Millhouse Kitchen, which is able to showcase just how wonderful our terracotta tiles can look installed in a kitchen space. Our terracotta tiles are also a popular tile choice for hallways, boot rooms and utility spaces.


Opulent Onyx

The last few years have definitely taught us all the importance of making sure our homes are also a sanctuary. Therefore, it is not surprising that bathroom tiles that can help us feel that we have escaped to a spa and provide a feeling of luxury, are set to be a sought after tile choice for 2023. To create this, Onyx tiles have become particularly popular for their elegance, calming colour pallets and luxurious feel. This has led us to recently introduce our Caverna Pearl Porcelain ties to replicate real Onyx without being such an expensive option. Our Onyx-Effect tiles still provide a translucent feel with their highly polished surface that reflects the light beautifully.


Pleasing Patterns

Patterned tiles are a perfect way to create a feature in a room and also the opportunity to let your own personality reflect in your interiors. A particular tile choice that is set to bring pattern into our homes in 2023 is the Terrazzo tile. Originating from Italy and traditionally made from cement with embedded ground minerals, it is now proving to be an increasingly popular tile choice for our homes. Terrazzo tiles are the perfect choice if you are looking to add a little colour to your space, without this becoming too overpowering. The range of colours within these tiles are also versatile, allowing you to pull different colours from the tile as you possibly adapt the colour scheme in your room. We recently introduced our Terrazzo Ivory Porcelain and Montreux Grey Porcelain. When discussing patterns, we can also not forget to mention our beautiful reclaimed tiles, which are perfect if you are looking to create a characterful focal point in your home. Our Reclaimed Tiles are a popular option for bathrooms, hallways, cloakrooms and splashbacks.


Indoors To Outdoors

Our outdoor spaces can provide us with a wonderful extension to our living areas, particularly if tiles are used to create a seamless finish between your indoor and outdoor environments. The desire to create the feeling of more space in our homes and to connect with nature, means that the trend to merge our indoor and outdoor living spaces is undoubtedly here to stay. Many of our tiles in our collection are suitable for both internal and external use. Pictured below you can see how our Dijon Tumbled Limestone has been used in this way.


Planks and Parquet

Last but by no means least, it is important that I mention how our beautiful wood flooring fits into all of this. Wood flooring will always be a timeless and classical flooring option for your home, however we have found some wood flooring trends for 2023 that we would like to share with you. This year smokey shades, wide planks and herringbone laying patterns look like the trends we can expect to see. Below you will see some of our wood flooring options that I hope can help you to achieve these desired looks.

Blackden Oak

Lowesby Oak Parquet

I hope this tile guide has been able to offer you with some useful inspiration as you look ahead to potential home projects this year. If you would like any further assistance finding the right tile for you and your upcoming project, you can contact us on 01509 234000 or email us,, and a member of our friendly sales team will always be more than happy to help.